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6 Goals Self-Publishers should have for their Books

92 (2)As a self-published author you have certain advantages and disadvantages that are specific only to you. As a self-published author you are given the advantage of complete control over your book. Which means you can decide on how to write, publish and distribute your book. On the other hand you also have the disadvantage of having to finance your book’s production and conduct your own marketing. So before you think of self-publishing your own book, make sure that you have a set of goals to guide you. Here are 6 goals that every self-publisher should have.

  • Book Sales

This is by far the most important goal you could have as a self-published writer. This is because it is far more difficult to market your book as a self-published write. Being a self-published writer you are burdened with the task of publishing your book yourself. This means that you will also have to be the one to cover every expense. Thus it is understandable that your main goal is to sell your book, because it is a way to not only profit from your book, but also a way to break even with the funds you have invested into your book.

  • Recognition from established publishing houses

Aside from book sales recognition for your work is by far the most important. Although self-publishing is a good way to jump start your career as a writer it is still a difficult prospect. This is because most self-published writers lack the funds to help them stay afloat during the whole process. Thus one of your main goals should be recognition from established publishing houses. Although there are many advantages to being a self-published writer, financial independence is not one of them. In the long run you can earn more if you sign up with an established publishing house. And self-publishing your book is a great way to get their attention.

  • Publicity

If you want your book to sell well, one of the most important things you should aim for is publicity. When you are selling a book publicity is a must because it gets word of your book to the general public. Your book could be the greatest literary work of all time, but without good publicity your book will never sell. So before you start on self-publishing your book make it a priority to get good publicity for your book.

  • Target audience

The target audience is one of the main factors whether your book will be a success or a failure. So before you self-publish your work you should be able to identify who you target audience is. It all really depends on your chosen genre. Aare you writing a romance novel? A drama? A sci-fi novel? Once you have successfully identified your target audience you should pattern your writing to their tastes. Remember that your target audience will be your most loyal fan base, so it is important to go the extra mile to impress them.

  • Make a timeline for yourself

It is important that you keep a strict timeline for yourself. This is because you can waste time on unnecessary projects that would steer you away from your self-publishing project. You should writ down a specific release date for your book. That way you can keep track of your progress and you would know whether you are ahead or behind schedule.

  • Spread your ideas

Aside from book sales, spreading your ideas can be considered as one of your most important goals.  This can also be considered your primary goal. Why would you go through all the trouble of self-publishing a book? It is all because you want to spread your own ideas all over the world. Whether it is a self-help book or fiction the ideas are your own and you want to let everyone know about your work. This is the core reason why people write a book.