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Do you Know the Most Powerful Way to Market your Book?

9As a self-published writer marketing your book can be a very daunting prospect. This is because unlike authors who are having their books published by traditional publishers you don’t have the funding or connections that they have. Which is why you will have to go the extra mile when it comes to marketing your book. But the main question now is how? How can you market your book and maximize the effects? Here are some book marketing tips that will help you market your book to the best of your abilities.

  • Utilize Social Media

Social media is a great and budget friendly way to market your book. Gone are the days where you had to spend thousands of dollars in order to get your book the best advertisements possible.  With the burgeoning power of social media you can now market your book effectively and save money at the same time. There are various ways that you can market your book through Social Media.

You can market your book through Social Media sites. The most popular of which is Facebook. Through this site you can contact your family and friends to help you spread word of your book. You can also posts advertisements and marketing services about your book through your account and theirs as well. This will increase your chances of getting publicity for your book.

You can also posts advertisements through other sites like Instagram and Twitter. Through these sites you can reach people who are outside your grid of influence. You can also try making a book trailer and posting it through YouTube. This will help make your book more attractive and feel more concrete to readers. All in all, when it comes to using Social Media as a way to advertise your book, remember that the more time you put into it the more effective it will be.

  • Find marketing partners

You need not carry the full weight of marketing your book. You can always ask for help from organizations that are related to your work. Offer them a deal where both of you can benefit from your book. That way you can count on them for certain aspects of your book marketing.

  • Create a blog site

Having a blog site is a great way to market your book. Especially if your blog site is all about your life as a writer. There are many ways that you can utilize your blog site to market your book. One way is to posts advertisements on your blog site and showing excerpts of your book. This will entice readers who are interested in the same genre. You can also use it to reach out to well-known authors in your preferred genre. That way you can also spread your connections in the literary world. And remember that the more connections you have the easier it is to market your book in the future.

  • Cultivate a fan base

A fan base is a must when it comes to marketing your book. This is because the fan base is the foundation of the bulk of your potential readers. They will be your most loyal and fervent supporters. Thus it is very important that you make a fan base long before you finish your book. You can cultivate your fan base by being in contact with them through your blog site. It is important that you already have an existing body of work long before your book is released. That way your potential fan base can read examples of your work and decide whether they want to follow you or not.

  • Attend conventions and networking sessions

Attending conventions and networking sessions related to your preferred genre is a great way for you to get much needed connection and attention for your book. This also give you the chance to cultivate friendships with fellow authors. These friendships will help you in your journey as a self-publishing writer.

  • Have a book launch

Organizing a book launch is a truly difficult process. You will have to handle a myriad of things and there are many factors that may prevent it from succeeding. But if you do it right you will find out that it is one of the most effective ways to spread word of your book. This is because the book launch is still a popular way for most authors to promote their books. It is also a way for you to meet publishers that can help you in the future.