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5 Great Reasons Why Niche Books do Work!

12Niche books are books that have always been popular with the general reading public. These are books that have managed to attain a niche in the publishing industry and have always sold well. These books are known to stay in Best seller’s lists and are still selling many years after they have been released. In truth these books are truly unique in the fact that they can still be popular despite years of being in the public eye. As a writer your main goal should be to create a niche book of your very own. It is a great way for you to establish yourself as a true writer. Here are some reasons why niche books do work.

  • It fills a need

One of the reasons why niche books are so popular is because they fill a need. Have you ever wondered why self-help books are so popular? These self-help books usually involves concepts such as gaining more money and becoming more popular. These types of books are very popular because everyone wants to gain more money or become more popular. Everyone has needs and they will undoubtedly pay for books that will help them achieve them. Which is why if you want to gain a following and have your very own niche self-help books are perfect for you.

  • It strikes an emotional chord with readers

Have you ever read a book that truly speaks with you? A book that you can’t seem to put down? A book that you read every time you want to feel better? These are the type of books that you have struck an emotional chord with. These books have gained a niche with the reading public because they contain stories that you can connect with. One prefect example of these kinds of books are the Harry Potter book series. The book series has been popular ever since it was first released. It has spawned 8 movies and has earned the love of millions of people all over the world. The true beauty of this book though is the fact that it will become an inter-generational book. Fans of the book today will read these books to their own kids and the book will forever have a place in the hearts of every reader. This is the type of status every writer should try to attain every time they release a book. An immortal status with fans.

  • It stays popular

Niche books are the type of books that stay popular no matter how long the book has been released.  It could be due to a number of reasons. It could be due to the book’s stance on a social issue or a line that has become symbolic. Whatever reason it may be niche books are predominantly popular.

  • It has become part of popular culture

There are certain books that have gained their popularity due to their affiliation with popular culture. Take for example the Lord of the Rings book series. This book series is known as the bible of high fantasy. It is also the one book that has influenced the works of a myriad of fantasy writers. The likes of George R.R Martin and Neil Gaiman have cited J.R.R Tolkien as their inspiration. The Lord of the Rings books have also been adapted into a trilogy of movies that have captured the hearts of a myriad of fans and have made their mark on the pop culture scene. If you want your book to truly be unforgettable, make it a part of popular culture.

  • It has become a part of classic literature

One niche that some books always fill is the classical literature niche. As a student you were probably asked to read a certain book by a certain author. These books were probably classical authors who lived hundreds of years ago and were great literary influences in their time. This is such a status that you should be striving for. Imagine your work still being read a hundred years from now. This is the true definition of making a contribution to literature.

All in all finding a niche for your book is important if you want to be true writer. Just remember that finding a niche for your book takes a lot of hard work, so you should be ready to work hard at it.