Tips on how to Finally get your Book Published!

6As a writer one of your greatest dreams is to have your book published. The problem though is that it is extremely difficult. There are various factors that may stop you from finally getting your book published. One factor is the lack of confidence. You are afraid that your work is not good enough and this will deal quite a blow on your pride as a writer. And you feel that it would be far better to live in a world of what ifs than to face the harsh realities of an editor’s criticism. Yet another factor is that it is extremely difficult to get a publishing house to take up your book. Although to be honest it does take some time to get a book accepted by a well-known publishing house because they all follow stringent qualifications on choosing a book. Thus it is quite normal that you have a hard time getting your book published. But whatever reason you may have, there is always a way. Here are some great tips on how to finally get your book published.

Brush up on your writing skills

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

― Stephen King

Like any worthwhile endeavor writing may take a lifetime to master. So do not get discouraged if your work is met with criticism. It just means that your skills have yet to be fully developed and you need a little more practice. Even great authors like Stephen King had to write day in and day out to perfect his writing style. Thus it is not too farfetched that you should also practice and practice more. And don’t worry about your work being unfit for publishing, just remember that as long as you stay strong and positive you will eventually get published. Just remember that no worthy endeavor has ever been accomplished without blood, sweat and tears being shed.

Look over your publishing options

“Publishing a book is like stuffing a note into a bottle and hurling it into the sea. Some bottles drown, some come safe to land, where the notes are read and then possibly cherished, or else misinterpreted, or else understood all too well by those who hate the message. You never know who your readers might be.”

― Margaret Atwood

One of the mistakes committed by some writers is that they are looking at their problem to narrow mindedly. There are so many ways that you can have your book published. The most common being traditional publishing where you send your work to already established publishing houses. This is an ideal publishing route but these publishing houses have very stringent guidelines and it may take you some time to have your book chosen.

Another option is to publish the book yourself. This method is known as self-publishing and is a truly valid option. It has many advantages over traditional publishing. They being given creative freedom over your book and receiving full royalties for your book. You are also given overall freedom on the book marketing aspects of your book. The only set back of this route is that you will have to pay for all your publishing expenses. The good thing though is that you have a lot of options on how to go about self-publishing. You can choose to do it yourself and delegate some of your work to a specialist or you can have a self-publishing company handle it all for you. A self-publishing company handles every aspect of your books publishing. From book production to creating marketing services for your book. If these options are not to your liking, you can also have your book in e-book format. This makes it easier to publish and distribute. Although it is not as lucrative as having your book published in paper, it can help you break through the publishing barrier.

 Make a realistic and possible marketing plan

Although we all want to be great authors and sell our books in huge quantities, reality can get in the way. Which is why it is important that we have a realistic marketing plan. You have a good number of options to choose from when it comes to making a marketing plan. One option is to create a blog site dedicated to your books and writing. This is an affordable way to getting publicity for your book because it costs very little to set up a blog site and you can posts advertisements and teasers about your book through your blog sit free of charge. The fact that almost everyone uses the internet nowadays makes this a viable option. You can even cultivate your own fan base though your blog site. This is very important because this fan base will be the nucleus of your fan base in the future when you have already published your book. It is always important to think past the publishing phase and also think about the book promotion phase.  This is because no matter how good your book is, but if no one is going to buy it what would be the point. You can also use various social media vehicles such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to advertise your books. Through Facebook you can advertise your work for free and tag as many of your friends as you can. You can even make a book trailer and post it through YouTube. The best thing about this form of book marketing is that it will not cost you too much to set up and maintain. All it takes is your time and effort. You can even hire a Social Media specialist to manage it for you.

All in all when it comes to publishing self-belief is your greatest asset. It is this self-belief that will inspire you to finish your book, it is this self-belief that will inspire you to be a better writer.  It is this self-belief that will strengthen and harden you through the many rigors of life as a writer.


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