Signs that Publishing is Evolving and How you can Catch Up!

5In the past few years the landscape of publishing has changed. With the rise of mass media and self-publishing the way things have been done has changed drastically. Back in the old days publishing options were more limited. This is because publishing was more expensive and work intensive than it is today.  Back then traditional publishing was the only option and traditional publishing houses had the last say in everything. Authors would have to send in their manuscripts to these publishing houses and wait whether or not their book would be published. But nowadays authors are given so many options on how to have their work published.

One of the most evident signs of change in publishing is the fact that traditional publishing no longer has a monopoly of the publishing industry. Although traditional publishing still exist in this era they are no longer the only option for authors to have their manuscripts published. Nowadays authors have various options to choose from. One option is through self-publishing.

This form of publishing is different to traditional publishing. Where traditional publishing entails the author sending in his work to established publishing houses. There is no guarantee that the publishing house will take the manuscript up and even if they did, the publishing house will still own most of the rights to the manuscript and the writer will get a smaller percentage. This is because the publishing house will pay for most of the publishing and book promotion costs. The author would have little to no control of his book and receive only a smaller percentage of the royalties that he deserves. Whereas in Self-publishing, the author has full control of their book’s production and creation. The author is also given a full percentage of his book’s earnings. Self-publishing is technically one of the most viable options for authors nowadays to have their books printed and sold without having to face the rejection of editors and the uncertainty of whether or not their book will ever be published.

Self-publishing can be done by yourself or you can ask for help from self-publishing houses. If you choose to self-publish yourself, this would entail you to do all the work yourself. But don’t fret it is not as hard as it was twenty years ago. With the rise of print on demand services you can have your book printed once someone already bought it, thus you need not have to have stockpile your books in your basement. You can also make your manuscript and do the copy-editing yourself, and if you want a second opinion you can have a professional look into it. The same can be said for book designers and other specialists. They can all be hired for a reasonable fee. If this seems a bit too work intensive for you, you also have the option to choose from a list of self-publishing companies that are more than willing to help you publish your book. If you opt to have your book self-published you are usually given a list of marketing services to choose from. This would usually include service from book creation to book marketing all for a reasonable fee. All in all book production is far easier and more advantageous for the author than it was years ago.

In the case of the book promotion part of book publishing you are also given a lot more affordable and viable options. Back then book promotion usually entailed costly advertising such as advertisements in newspapers and television. But now you need not spend thousands on advertising. With the emergence of social media, you can now manage your own book marketing at your leisure. This is because with the rise of social media you have full control of your book’s web presence. You can use various social media vehicles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. You can create your own Blog site and hosts events and posts advertisements through it.  Though your blog site you can also cultivate your fan base and even sell your book thorough it. The internet is an incredibly multifaceted advertising platform that can make your book promotion so much easier. The only condition for success when it comes to this kind of promotion is your time, because it takes a lot of time and effort to make an impression on your perspective readers.

All in all when it comes to book publishing nowadays, you have so much more options to have your book produced and sold. All that really separates you from success and failure is the amount of hard work that you put into it.


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