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Challenges in Writing a Book and how to Face them!

87Writing is both an easy and difficult process. It is easy because it is a very enjoyable process and a way for you to open yourself up to the world. You can express yourself in a myriad of ways through writing and it is through your own passion that makes the writing process easy. And yet the process can also be very difficult because there are so many obstacles that may come up in the future.

True you can start out the writing process without any difficulties but in the long run these obstacles may come up. So before you think of starting the writing process here are some examples of common challenges in writing and how to face them.

  • Writers Block

Of all the writing obstacles that you will face in the future, writers block may be one of the most difficult to combat. Imagine that you are just about to start working on a new book, you are so excited and everything seems so clear to you. You just sit down and type down the words on your laptop. You start out great, you make the setting of the book very intriguing and you are really enjoying yourself. Then out of nowhere you can’t seem to put two words together. You shrug it off at first then you stumble out a few sentences. They don’t seem to make any sense. You feel annoyed, then helpless and it dawns on you how uncertain you now feel. This is how writers block usually feels. It is an uncertainty on how you should proceed with your work. It will feel as if your mind is a blank and you can’t seem to think clearly. You can’t seem to make a coherent sentence no matter how hard you try.

Writers block in truth may stem from a lot of factors. It could be stress, overwork, anxiety etc. But no matter the factors though you should always tell yourself that you can still write. Writers Block is a challenge for any writer but it could be made even worse with self-doubt. The best way for you to face writers block is to calm your mind and look at it from a more logical perspective. Don’t obsess over the problem and take in one at a time. If you feel agitated with the situation you should try a change of scenery. This can help you look at the world through a whole new perspective on your writing.

Another great way to combat Writers block is to go out and take a walk, travel if you can. Do anything that will help you gain a whole new perspective in life. It is also good advice to take up a more healthy way of living because having a good overall well-being makes the writing process so much easier. It is also a good idea to refrain from writing for a while because writing with writer’s block is akin to an athlete who competes with an injury. You will not only be ineffective but you will also damage yourself as a writer further.

  • Loss of inspiration

Writing a story is a very intensive activity. This is because you not only have to work at it constantly and master your craft, you also need to have inspiration to write. Inspiration is like fuel for a writer and should be cultivated as much as possible. This is why the loss of inspiration while writing a book is a very hard challenge to overcome. If you are writing a book and you lose your inspiration don’t panic. Although it is difficult to regain inspiration when it is lost you should not lose hope. One of the best ways to regain your inspiration to write is to open yourself to new things and having a well-balanced state of mind. Just stay positive and try to look at life in a positive manner and eventually you will find your inspiration again.

  • Lack of confidence in your work

When you write you open yourself to the world. Your thoughts on life, your ideas and philosophies are broadcast through your writing. This is why confidence is extremely important when you write. If you don’t believe in yourself how are you supposed to convince others that your book is worth reading?

  • Bad work ethic

Yet another challenge for a writer is bad work ethic. Writing a novel is a difficult process and if you lack the drive and work ethic you will find yourself floundering the whole time. This is why you need to develop a good work ethic.

Having a good work ethic means being able to work at a consistent pace, to be able to will yourself to work no matter how difficult the process may seem. The best way to develop a good work ethic is by having a rigid work schedule. You should stick to this work schedule no matter what whether it is the holidays or a work day. Through this practice you will be able to develop a good work ethic.

  • Lack of support from family

Your family is your very first form of support and most of your creative ability and inspiration stems from them. Which is why it is so important that you have their full support. There are so many ways for you to get support from your family.

It could be through emotional support such as them cheering you on, encouraging you during hard times and just simply being there for you. You could also ask for their feedback on your book and any tips that they could give. All in all having your family’s support is very important when it comes to your continuing career as a writer.

  • Emotional problems

We all have chinks in our armor, no one is exempted from emotional problems. You could be going through a hard time or even going through a traumatic moment in your life. And because of these emotional problems your writing may also suffer. But in truth writing can be a solace to you. Think of writing as a form of therapy where you can let out your pain. You’ll be surprised at how effective it is.

In truth writing a book is a difficult process and takes a lot of dedication and patience to get through. But always remember that as long as you work at it and do your very best you will accomplish your dream of writing your very own book.