Promote your Book Effectively! How to be Accountable for your Book Promotion!

16Being a self-publishing author has a bevy of challenges that could derail your journey as a writer. One really harsh challenge is the book promotion aspect of publishing a book. Book promotion usually entails getting your book noticed by the public. This usually includes advertising your book and enticing potential readers to buy your book. Book Promotion has many pitfalls that may discourage you from making your book a success. But always remember that despite the many obstacles in your way, your book’s success all depends on your mindset.  Be accountable for your book promotion. Here are some great tips on developing a great book promotion mindset.

  • Stay Positive

Book marketing is a multifaceted process and it can get complicated very quickly. This is why your mindset should be able to match the stress involved. Book Promotion is all about convincing potential readers to buy your book. And as hard as you try, there really is no guarantee that your book will be a success. So from the very start you should steel yourself against disappointment. Develop a positive mindset on the whole process. Be hopeful and optimistic on your book promotion. Having a positive outlook allows you to weather any challenge that goes your way. Your advertising campaign is not working? That’s ok, just start again. You lack the funds to advertise your book? Find alternative advertising techniques. You have trouble starting a fan base? Just work harder and make a blog site. Just remember that any worthy endeavor takes a great deal of work. So it pays to have a positive outlook on life.

  • Find alternative ways to advertise your book

As a self-publishing author it is important that your main problem is the lack of funding. Unlike authors who are funded by traditional publishing houses, you are expected to fund the entire operation yourself. Thus you should make it a point not to spend too much and find alternative ways to advertise your book, luckily there are a lot of ways to advertise your book without having to spend too much money.

One great way to advertise your book is to use the internet. The internet is slowly replacing older forms of media and becoming even more relevant to the younger generation. So it makes sense that you should advertise your book through the internet. You will reach a great number of people through the internet and not have to spend a fortune just to get your book the publicity it needs. Some of the most commonly used methods is social media advertising. This form of advertising uses social media to reach out to potential buyers. There are various ways you can do this. You can use your Facebook account to reach out to potential readers and posts advertisements through your Facebook friend’s accounts. You can also use Twitter to tweet about your book and your journey as a writer. You can also posts through Instagram pictures of your book. The best thing about using the internet to promote your book is that you spend practically nothing  to advertise your work. All you really need to do is work hard.

  • Be realistic

It is important that you are honest with yourself during the whole book promotion process. Although it is good that you are optimistic about your book, you also need to be realistic when it comes to selling your book. Know what you can do and what you can’t. That way you can address your limitations and make adjustments on your book promotion campaign.

  • Be creative

When it comes to book promotion, creativity is key. This is because your main intent is to convince potential readers that your book is worth reading. Thus you should do your best to make your book as impressive as possible. Use your imagination, think up something clever that will entice people to read your book.

  • Stay up to date with popular culture

Popular culture is very important in book promotions. This is because in order for you to make an impact your book promotion should be relevant. So you should brush up on what is relevant in this day and age. What are the common trends being followed now? How do people talk nowadays? What are the relevant events that are being talked about today? These are just the things you should keep track of if you want your book promotion campaign to succeed.

All in all when it comes to book promotion, your outlook and dedication is always your greatest asset. So buckle down and get started on your book promotion now.


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