How to Write as Naturally as Possible! Here’s How you do it!

93Writing takes a lot of work that much is sure. And it takes a lot of practice to make writing as natural to you as much as possible. What does it mean to write naturally? To write naturally means to write without conscious thought. It is like being in a trance. To be so solely enmeshed in the act of writing, it would make writing seem more like a reflex than a conscious action. With this new outlook, whether it is writing a novel or a thesis the writing process will be so much easier.

But how do you achieve such a state? Here are some great tips on how to write as naturally as possible.

  • Be in the moment

Think of the writing process as a way for you to be fully in the moment. Like any art form such as painting or dancing you will have to be fully in the moment. Being in the moment allows you to reach your true potential as a writer. It will also allow you to be more intuitive in your writing and help you uncover yourself as a writer. Being in the moment will also help you to dismiss unnecessary thoughts from your mind and stay focused on your writing.

  • Think of it as a meditative exercise

One of the writing process greatest enemies is fear and doubt. This is because these negative thoughts prevents you from reaching your true potential as a writer. It also makes you anxious about the writing process and make you doubt your skills as a writer. Which is why you should be as calm and mindful as possible. Thinking of the writing process from a meditative standpoint helps you clear your mind of unnecessary worries and be fully in the writing process.

  • Simplify your prose

Having an overly elaborate prose could derail your writing process. Your main intent should always be to convey your main message to your readers. Be quick and concise in your writing prose. You will be surprised at how clearer and more effective your writing will be once you snip off the unnecessary words from your sentences.

  • Set a timer for yourself

If you want to write as naturally as possible, you should try to set a pace for yourself. One of the worst things a writer could face is inactivity. This is because inactivity slows down the writing process. Inactivity also leaves you open to writer’s block. This is why you should set a timer for yourself and write. Set the timer for 20 to 30 minutes. Then just sit down and write a story. There does not need to be a set topic. Think of this exercise as similar to sparring in combat sports. You are practicing for the real thing. You are honing your wordplay and focus.

  • Conduct research and brush up on it before writing

Research is immensely important when you are writing a book. This is because without proper research, people could refute your work and this may costs you readers in the future. Before you start writing a book you should immerse yourself in information about your chosen topic. Conduct research and learn it until you are intimate with the subject matter. That way, once you get started on the book you can write seamlessly and efficiently without having to look at your research every few minutes.

  • Join a writing group

Writing is an art form and takes a great deal of practice. And no matter how good you believe you are, there are still some things that you can do to improve your writing. One of the best things that you can do is to practice your writing with fellow writers. This way you can compare your work with your fellow writers and learn a few things at the same time. Remember that writing is first and foremost art form and should be scrutinized by an honest audience.

All in all when it comes to writing as naturally as possible, you should have a scheduled writing time and practice as much as possible. The more you practice the easier and more natural the writing process will be for you.


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