Book Marketing ideas that will help you Sell your Book Effectively!

9Marketing a book takes a lot of time and effort, in many ways it is almost as hard as writing a book. So it stands to reason that you should have a plan in order to sell your book as effectively as possible. But it is easier said than done. So your marketing strategy should be as efficient as possible and should cover all the bases. That way once you do get started in marketing your book, you will have a higher chance in selling your book. Here are some great book marketing ideas that will help sell your book as effectively as possible.

  • Have an overall budget for your book

Having an overall budget for your book helps you avoid unwanted expenses. What most people don’t know about book marketing is that it can get expensive very quickly. This is especially true if you don’t have a budget to follow. So before you go out and start your marketing campaign you should prepare a written budget of all expenses. Every instance of spending should be accounted for. From the smallest to largest expenditure, it should be accounted for.

  • Be Creative

Creativity is very important when it comes to marketing. This is because marketing is all about getting other people’s attention and directing their attention to your product. And creativity is your best attribute. When you conduct your marketing campaign try to be as creative as possible. Your advertising blurbs should be as witty and on point as possible. It should also be as relevant to your book as possible.

  • Have an overall marketing plan for your book

Conducting a marketing campaign can be almost formulaic. This is because every aspect of the plan should be as effective as possible. And any error can damage your chances of selling your book. This is why you should be as subtle and systematic as possible. Create strategies and an overall outline of your marketing plan. That way, you can follow it to the letter.

  • Specify your target audience

Your book’s target audience really depends on your book. It depends on what your book is all about. Its genre and its main topic.  Knowing your target audience is really very useful because it gives you a specific audience to focus your marketing campaign on. Conducting your marketing campaign without knowing your target audience is like shooting in the dark because there is really no way of knowing if you hit your target or not.

  • Use cost effective ways of advertising

Advertising can be very expensive if done wrong. This is why you should do your best to find costs effective forms of advertising. One great example is using the internet to advertise your book. Notably social media. With social media you are given the chance to advertise your work through notable sites like Facebook and Twitter. And the best part is, they are relatively free to use. Always remember that when you are conducting a marketing campaign cost efficient alternatives are always useful.

  • Create an author website for yourself

Author websites are extremely useful for conducting marketing campaigns. With an author website you are given an online marketing platform.  Through your author website you are given the option to posts information about your book. You also make sure that your website is SEO ready in order to attract more site visitors and potential buyers.

  • Don’t forget to use older media

Older media are media forms such as radio advertising and newspaper ads. And although they may not be as potent in this day and age, they are still quite effective. Try to use older media to supplement your book marketing campaign. They can help you to reach out to a different demographic.

  • Use popular culture in your marketing campaigns

Popular culture is very important when it comes to marketing your book. This is because people are more likely to be interested in your book if your marketing blurbs are relevant. You should make sure to link your book to trending topics, because these topics get more views from readers. Which could attract potential buyers for your book.

These tips are all meant to help you achieve your book marketing goals but all in all your greatest asset in marketing your book is your own hard work and perseverance.


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