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How to Speed up the writing process the right way!

90 (2)The writing process should never be rushed. That much is certain. It is full of enough pitfalls that could derail the entire process. But as a writer you would know the pressures of the deadline. The dreaded tick tock of the clock as a call from your editor seems imminent. This is why you should know how to speed up your writing as efficiently as possible. Speeding up your writing is far different from rushing. With Speeding up, you are writing as fast as you can and yet also writing properly. To speed up your writing means to never waste time with ineffective wordplay and get right down to the heart of the matter. Here are some book writing tips on how to speed up the writing process.

  • Relax and enjoy yourself

Panicking over a deadline is a common thing for writers. As the deadline draws writing a novel seems to get more and more difficult. Your prose seems to get more muddled up and thoughts of anxiety and uncertainty become more frequent. This is why you should try to relax and enjoy the writing process as much as possible. It is all a matter of mindset and the success of your book depends on how you look at the writing process. If you look at it like a chore, then your creativity will be blunted and the entire writing process will be difficult for you. But if you look at the writing process as a great opportunity you will be surprised at how fun and exhilarating it can be.

  • Learn to focus

Focus is one of the most important attributes a writer can have. And yet it is a very hard attribute to truly master. Being able to focus is difficult for most writers, because their minds are constantly on something else. So as you start the writing process, try to find and maintain your focus. Keeping your focus will not only give you a steady pace during the writing process, it will also help you to stave off writer’s block.

  • Make writing an activity

The daily slog of writing can get boring quickly. Which is why you should try to challenge yourself. Set a timer for yourself. Set it for 30 minutes then start writing. Be as efficient as you can and try to be as fast as you can. That way you can find out how fast you really are as a writer. It can also help to reinvigorate your writing style and liven up the writing process.

  • Take up meditation

Meditation is a technique used by Buddhist monks to clear the mind and find inner peace. And seeing as anxiety and fear is one of the main enemies of writing you should try out meditation. Meditation is a way for you to clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and worries and just leave yourself open to your creative impulses. This is called a meditative state. Through this method, you lose all sense of fear and stress. This is the perfect state of mind for writing because your mind will no longer be weighed down by insecurities or doubts.

  • Make an overall plan

Whether you are writing a book or just practicing your writing it is extremely beneficial to have an overall plan for your writing process. Having an overall plan gives you a way to plan out every aspect of your writing. Takes some time and brainstorm and decide what to write about. Plan out the main plotline of your book, plan out your cast of characters and plan out every plot twist in your book. This will save you the time spent on figuring out the necessary aspects of your book.

  • Research ahead of the writing process

Before you even start writing, you should have done most of your research beforehand. This will save you the time spent on researching facts for your book. You should use every research source at your disposal and verify whether your facts are trustworthy or not.

All in all speeding up your writing is all about having a utilitarian outlook on the writing process. Divest yourself of bad habits like procrastination and worrying and give your whole focus on the writing process.