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Ways to Find Writing Inspiration in Everyday Life!

99One of the most difficult things a writer has to go through is finding the inspiration to write. As easy it may seem, it truly is a challenge. This is because inspiration can be a very fickle and uncertain thing. One day you are brimming with the fervor to write and you lose all motivation the next. Which is why writing a book can be very difficult. The daily rigors of life can easily distract you from writing your book and slowly chip away your motivation. What you need is the ability to find inspiration in everyday life. From the most mundane to the most extraordinary. Here are some great tips on how to find inspiration in everyday life.

  • Relax and enjoy every experience

One of the things that day to day life takes away from us is the ability to relax and enjoy every experience. People nowadays are so concerned about work and other responsibilities that they fail to see how beautiful life really is. So the next time you pass by a field of flowers or see a beautiful sunset, take the time to enjoy it. Although life can be very hectic and can take up most of our time, you should remember that life is short and should be enjoyed to the fullest.

  • Read a good book

For most bibliophiles the best way to spend time is to curl up on a comfy chair and read a good book. This is also the best way to find inspiration for writing. Reading a good book shows you what you can achieve if you are truly committed to writing. So the next time you feel that you are losing the motivation to write, pick up a good book and read. Reading classics such as Alexandre Dumas and Mark Twain is a very good choice because you can get hints and tips on how to write from the greatest novelists of all time. You should endeavor to be as well read as possible. That way you will have a treasure trove of literary references to draw from.

  • Exercise

This might come as strange advice but exercise is very important in almost every endeavor, be it writing a novel or painting a picture. Have you ever noticed that whenever you exercise and sweat you feel better afterwards? This is because when you exercise there is an increase of serotonin levels in your body. Serotonin is a chemical that helps maintain mood balance and contributes to feelings of wellbeing and happiness. So if you want to stay inspired during the writing process make sure to take care of yourself and exercise daily.

  • Listen to great music

Music is a great way for you to gain inspiration and hold onto it during the writing process. Listening to music opens up your mind to new possibilities and helps you concentrate on just writing. It is very important though that you listen to music that is calming and helps you to concentrate. Don’t listen to heavy metal music or rap songs because will ultimately distract you. Try to listen to the classics like Bach, Beethoven and Mozart.

  • Travel

Although having a good writing routine is good, it can get stifling in the long run. So whenever you feel constricted by your writing schedule go out for a change of scenery.  It does not have to be a world tour. You can just go on a short trip camping or visit family members. The main intent of travelling is to change your routine and get the cobwebs out of your system.

  • Study various religions

It pays to be open minded when you are writing a book. So it stands to reason that you should also be open minded about religion. Having a deep knowledge on various religions allows you to draw inspiration from a myriad of beautiful writings and ideas. Reading the scriptures and writings of great prophets and teachers opens your mind to something greater than yourself and allows you to draw and maintain your inspiration to write.

  • Popular culture

Reading up on popular culture is very important when it comes to gaining and maintaining writing inspiration. Try to read news articles and brush up on your popular culture knowledge. Knowing the popular films and celebrities of the time can help you gain much needed information in relating with your prospective readers.

  • Brush up on your history knowledge

One of the most underrated forms of inspiration is history. While other people consider history to be boring, it is in truth a treasure trove of stories that can be easily made into a great story. History is a way for humanity to look back on its journey as a species. It shows how humanity developed through the centuries and became the dominant force in the planet.

All in all when it comes to finding inspiration, the most important thing to remember is to have an open mind and experience life in all its facets.