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Tips on How to Overcome Worry by Writing

76Writers have a tendency to worry. It is strange to say but a good number of writers worry a lot, this may be due to the fact that most writers tend to be introverted and have a more thoughtful outlook on things. This thoughtful outlook is quite useful for writers because it aids them in getting inspiration, but because of this some writers have a tendency to overthink things and worry too much. This is especially true for professional writers, because they always fret on their chances of ever getting published. But in truth writing should never compel you to be a worrier. This is because writing also has all the ingredients to make you worry less. You can use writing as a way to overcome worrying by following the tips below.

  1. Use writing as a way to vent your frustrations

Sometimes worrying may stem from pent up emotions that are kept hidden. They may be emotions that you feel ashamed about and you can’t really express yourself by talking about it. Writing about your worries helps you look at them through another viewpoint.

  1. Writing helps you to accept the realities of your life

Sometimes problems can get so big that it is just too difficult to accept. Through writing you can accept the realities of your situation. Getting your emotions down on paper sounds like it could fuel anxieties, but according to a University of Chicago study published in the journal Science, the activity has the opposite effect. Students who were prone to test anxiety were asked to write about their fears before an exam; those who journaled improved their test scores by nearly one grade point.

“It might be counter intuitive, but it’s almost as if you empty the fears out of your mind,” Sian Beilock, an associate professor in psychology at the University of Chicago, told U.S. News And World Report. “You reassess that situation so that you’re not as likely to worry about those situations because you’ve slain that beast.”

  1. Lose yourself in your writing

Writing takes a lot of concentration and determination. Writing usually entails a lot of dedication and time to be truly proficient at it. Which is why writing is such a great way to overcome worrying. It helps to distract you from your anxiety and channel all your worries into writing. It also helps to train and discipline your mind from straying into thoughts of despair and worry.

  1. Entertain yourself through writing

Worrying can also be attributed to the mind being too idle. If you are bored your mind usually strays off and in the end you will start worrying about the most minute of details. This is where writing is truly effective. Writing is one of the most multifaceted means of entertainment you could ever practice.  The possibilities of creating stories by just using your imagination is a great way to stave off worry.

  1. Write a diary

Life may seem very chaotic and this prompts most people to worry. Through writing a journal you can make sense of your life by making a story about yourself. You can write a story about your life and your experiences. This can include your own perceptions on life and the future. By writing a journal you can also systematize your thoughts and Writing in a journal also gives you the power of perspective.

Revisiting past times and selves will help you realize that day-to-day life changes so much and you have too. Writing in a journal is a way to say what you would not have otherwise said. This allows you to say how you really feel and save yourself from the worry and anxiety that is common in life.