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The Many Advantages of Self-publishing

3Getting published can be a very difficult and harsh experience, this is due to the fact that it is very difficult to have yourself published by traditional publishing houses because of strident requirements or unrealistic expectations from the publishers. Self-publishing is a great solution for this problem. With Self-publishing you are given a plethora of advantages compared to traditional publishing.

What is Self-Publishing?

In layman’s terms self-publishing is the publishing of a book without the involvement of an established publisher. The author is in charge of the entire process, from having the book published to creating marketing services for the book.

There are several advantages that make self-publishing a viable option for many authors today. Here are just a few of the reasons why it might be the right choice for you today.

  1. You are in control of the process

The process in self-publishing is in complete contrast to traditional publishing. In traditional publishing the publishing house is in complete control of the publishing process. In traditional publishing once you signed the contract and took the advance payment for the manuscript, the company can publish your book in any way they wish. They can create publishing packages for your book and advertise it in any way they can. In the case of self-publishing you are in complete control of the whole process. You can choose how you publish your work, how you advertise your completed product and how you choose to go from there.

  1. It is cheaper than ever to Self-publish

With the rise of many self-publishing companies through the years, there are countless promos that will allow you to get your book published at the lowest rates possible. For less than $1000 you can purchase services that already include the publishing of the book and the creation of various advertising platforms that will help in gaining your book much needed media attention.

  1. You can make more money through Self-publishing

Although you shoulder most of the expenses for publishing your book, once you have made a profit, the profit is yours a hundred percent. In traditional publishing the author gets around only 10-15% of royalties. Thus in the long run you will still get a bigger profit should you self-publish your book.

  1. Marketing operations is under your control

In traditional publishing the publishing house is technically in full control of marketing operations for its books. Thus should you opt for traditional publishing, you would have little to no control of your book marketing. In self-publishing you can employ all sorts of marketing techniques that you see fit. You can create advertising blogs through the internet, choose your own publishing packages, join book shows or even go door to door selling. The true beauty of self-publishing is that you have unlimited control of book operations and you do not have to answer to anyone except yourself.

  1. You gain a sense of pride through self-publishing

There is a certain pride in seeing your dream of being a published author come to fruition, and the feeling is even sweeter if you published your book by yourself without the help of established publishing companies. This is because your book was published through your hard work and no one else. Your book is a testament to your conviction and to your dream of being a published author. Seeing your book fully published and ready to sell should give you a great sense of pride, because you were the one in full control of its creation, from the cover design to the final copy of the manuscript. All of it was you and you should take pride in that fact.