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The Most Challenging Part In Writing A Book

The Most Challenging Part In Writing A Book

Writing may be fun but easy? Who says? At some point, you will lose the idea, you will need a fresher angle, you have to find your way back to your trail of thoughts, you have to get inspired. Not counting the characters and their supposedly unique traits, the appropriateness of the setting, the symbolisms, the humor, the twists, the emotions, and the list goes on. Writing a book is never a stroll with your dog – it entails hard work. Very hard work.Even those that are in the pedestal cannot dare say that book writing is done in just a couple of weeks. You may start fresh with ideas, laden with creativity but at some point, your flow of thoughts run dry so you grope for the light. You search for what’s missing. Then, you get back and try to fill the empty spaces only to discover even bigger ones.Established writers share that there are a lot of challenges in writing a book. Here are the top 3 challenges authors meet along the way.

    • Opening Scene

–          In here lies the future of your book. If the opening scene looks boring or uninteresting for readers, do not expect for most of them to make it to the next chapter. The world is moving in a fast pace. Readers do not like to spend time on things that are not worth it. The agony of writing and rewriting the opening scene always entails creativity (and abundant supply of it), and above all, bottomless patience.

    • Climax

–          Readers expect too much in the climax that a book instantly gets praises on social networking sites after meeting what is expected of it, otherwise, bashers abode. The climax is expected to be the most beautiful, most heart-wrenching, most romantic, most magical, most wonderful, most tear-shedding, most spine-tingling part. And crafting is as mind-twisting, and heart-breaking and exhausting.

  • Ending

–          After all, in this lie the final say of the readers. A good ending earns a mark in the readers’ minds and hearts. You do not even want to hear from your readers if it’s otherwise. Just as the opening scene is crucial, the ending is delicate. Just as the opening scene must be compelling, the ending should be heart-melting. And as a writer, you just have to exude creativity. And never run out of it.

  • Writing through a good perspective

–          As authors, you need to write in a way that will capture the interest of the readers yet realistic enough to keep in touch with what’s actually happening. The characters’ (especially the protagonist’s and antagonist’s) line of thought should come from a fresh angle and is not generic. They should according to the behavior he/ she should supposedly possess and not according to what the author feels. The characters should think, act, and speak for themselves. This is nothing but mind-twisting.
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It is true that book writing is easier said than done, but with passion, even a word can lead you to making a series. Just believe and, of course, strive hard.